Dive into the Cloud

Wondering how, where, when, and why to get started with Microsoft Azure? Northwest Cadence can help. Let’s jump into the cloud and see where it can take you!


Where Technology Meets Teamwork

Tools need people. People need practices. Practices need process. The deliberate balance of tools, people, practices, and process is what we do.


Training, Consulting, Coaching

Achieve great performance through an improved development cadence. Replace the oncoming train with a light at the end of your tunnel.


Deep Expertise, Vast Experience

Each of our clients is unique in size, style, and strategy. We bring sound process acumen, top notch brains, practical experiences, and best practices to your table.


Global Reach

Northwest Cadence serves software development teams across the globe. After all, there is a Northwest in every city!



Instill sound daily habits

Daily practices are the glue that holds your process and your team together. Done right, they become habits – muscle memory – and the entire team works more effectively almost without noticing that they’re doing it. With sound practices turned to habit, you can make your software sing.

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Improve development processes

Great Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is about way more than the just software. ALM brings the software development team together with the business to ensure reliable and predictable delivery of business value. It changes your work life by bringing you clarity, teamwork, and results.

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Implement and customize tools

Putting Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) to work starts with the team and the code. The right tools foster collaboration and communication without creating overhead or getting in the team’s way. The right tools paired with the right practices allow for rapid productivity gains.

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Who We Are

Our passion: culture trumps everything else

Turn lemons to lemonade. Put icing on the cake. Good to great does not happen by chance.

Our reward: bringing some of the best of who we are, our culture, to our clients each and every day.

What We Do

Great process means happy people 

Happy people means more productivity.

Couple happy productivity with great process to get bottom line results that will make the executive team look twice.

Knowledge Library

3-5 minute snippets of expert advice

Browse through over 140 short training videos on topics ranging from Azure to TFS 2013. Watch what you need, when you need it.

KnowledgeLibrary@nwcadence.com to learn more.


We partner with software development teams to improve processes and business results.