c a . d e n c e

The flow or rhythm of events,
especially the pattern in which something is experienced.


every day should be release day.

DevOps and the Cloud means getting your great ideas into your users’ hands faster than ever, while controlling costs and reducing the demands on operations and infrastructure.

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advanced analytics

Innovate, motivate, and cultivate with the art and science of Advanced Analytics. Northwest Cadence helps companies leverage existing data to drive business results.

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  • Modern Marketing
    Learn the advantages of data-driven marketing to make insightful decisions.

cloud infrastructure

Technologies and practices change, but the business value from a great cadence persists.

Wondering how, when, where, and why to get started in the cloud? Northwest Cadence can help you get streamlined and scalable. Let’s jump into the cloud together and see where it can take you!

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Watch the Cloud Application Development Microsoft Virtual Academy course and learn how Azure can enable Cloud-born applications and increase developer productivity.

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cloud infrastructure

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comedic customer stories

We are proud of our customers and their great success stories. It’s our privilege to be part of them.
After all, the thing we love most is to see our customers improve their processes and business results.

customer business results

“Northwest Cadence is like a GPS.

Northwest Cadence understands your goals, provides options with pros/cons, and takes you to the final destination with ease.”

agile transformation customer
“The depth of knowledge at Northwest Cadence is impressive.

They were flexible and adapted their approach and industry standards to meet our business needs.”

agile process consulting and training customer
“NWC was outstanding to work with.

I would highly recommend Northwest Cadence based on their professionalism, customer service, and expertise.”

TFS health check; ALM assessment customer
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knowledge library

watch what you need, when you need it

The Knowledge Library is a comprehensive collection of on-demand videos. The library augments Northwest Cadence consulting services and provides quick advice, tips, and demonstrations on Azure, DevOps, Advanced Analytics, Visual Studio, ALM, Continuous Delivery, Agile, the Cloud, and more!

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