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Your organization has a lot of data.
Are you using it to your competitive advantage?

Northwest Cadence will help you find ways to use your data to innovate through Business Analytics.

Schedule an Advanced Analytics Assessment.

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The Knowledge Library is a comprehensive collection of over 150 short videos. The library augments Northwest Cadence consulting services and provides quick advice, tips, and demonstrations on a wide range of topics, including Azure, DevTest, ALM, Agile, Continuous Delivery, and more!
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customer process improvement stories

We are proud of our customers and their great process improvement stories. It’s our privilege to be part of them.
After all, the thing we love most is to see our customers improve their processes and business results.

Our customer’s team needed to make peace between their managers’ desire to be involved and the team’s need for agile self-organization. We helped them solve it and get some exercise, too.

It turned out our customer was incredibly agile in all of the parts of their business, except software delivery. We helped them make the connection and win their top executives’ support.

When it came to process change, our customers’ developers were certain they had seen it all before. We persuaded them that we still had a few useful tricks up our sleeves.

Kanban boards at our enterprise customer went viral in ways we never expected. The finance, HR, and training teams were clamoring to learn how those boards and stickies could help them, too!

Wondering how, when, where, and why to get started with Microsoft Azure?

Northwest Cadence can help. Let’s jump into the cloud together and see where it can take you!

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customer business results

“Northwest Cadence is like a GPS.

Northwest Cadence understands your goals, provides options with pros/cons, and takes you to the final destination with ease.”

agile transformation customer
“The depth of knowledge is impressive.

Northwest Cadence was flexible enough to adapt their approach and industry standards to meet our business needs.”

agile process consulting and training customer
“NWC was outstanding to work with.

I would highly recommend Northwest Cadence based on their professionalism, customer service, and expertise.”

TFS health check; ALM assessment customer
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