Our Values and Mission

Our core values and mission drive our decisions and guide our behavior.

At the heart of who we are, you will find: Honesty. Excellence. Accountability. Respect. Teamwork.
These values impact the way we serve our customers and treat each other.

At Northwest Cadence, our mission is to help our clients meet their software development goals. With careful attention to both present and future, we live by solutions that can be implemented, metrics that can be measured, and knowledge-transfer to ensure sustainable success.

Our Clients

Northwest Cadence serves organizations of every size and industry across the globe. Our customers achieve more accurate estimated ship dates, reduced bug counts, and faster delivery of real business value. In addition, they get the right metrics and the right reports to know early when a project is at risk. We periodically ask for anonymous customer feedback and conduct satisfaction surveys to ensure we are meeting our company vision of excellence. Read what our customers have to say about us.

  • “Recommendations were straight to the point, the consultant was extremely knowledgeable about technical and business needs. Easy to communicate with.”
  • “The technical expertise was outstanding. I learned quite a bit and the review of the software process was very helpful. I am excited about our new tool now that I know how to use it.”
  • “I see our team coming together for the first time and not as separate individuals with our own projects. For the long term, I see us moving to a more organized approach to development.”
  • “In the long term I see overall improvement in our development process, resulting in lower stress, higher quality, and improved communication between the team.”
  • “The depth of knowledge is impressive and Northwest Cadence was flexible enough to adapt their approach and industry standards to conform to and meet our business needs.”
  • “Northwest Cadence was always on-time, met estimated deadlines and milestones, and communicated exceptionally well with all stakeholders.”

Our Philosophy

We only have a short time with your team, so we use it well and wisely. We consult, coach, and train organizations following our philosophy: we’re open, we’re helpful, and we share our experiences eagerly.

Consulting, done right, can be one of the most powerful ways to change an organization. We work alongside your team as the work is being done to pass knowledge and provide coaching first-hand. Our aim is to build your skills in-house, ensure the knowledge transferred is customized to your particular needs, and that you realize great value for your consulting dollar.

Training can be the most effective way to bring a team of people up to speed on a technology. It can connect a group through shared experiences, improve communication through mutual understanding, and unite a team towards common goals. At the same time, training can also be a colossal waste of time if not done right. Our trainers are experienced in adult learning concepts. We constantly revise our curriculum and we always work with you prior to gain a better understanding of your environment. Our unique qualifications and approach, coupled with our real world experience and technical depth, assures your training brings the highest impact for your team.

Our Expertise

Northwest Cadence partners with software development teams to improve processes and business results.

Recognized by Microsoft as the first Gold ALM Partner in the United States focusing exclusively on Software Development Process and Application Lifecycle Management, Northwest Cadence has provided professional services dating back to Microsoft ALM product inception with Visual Studio Team System in 2005. Our focus ensures clients benefit from consistently deep technical expertise, sound process acumen, and best practices learned through hundreds of practical experiences on ALM projects.

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