29 10, 2007

Users as Owners

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This is one to file under the "duh" category. It's a fairly simple and straightforward approach to working with users on a project and ensuring their participation. On large scale projects (this does not truly apply to agile because a strong agile team doesn't suffer from this problem) it is typical for users to a) [...]

29 10, 2007

Welcome to our new offices!

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Northwest Cadence has recently relocated to centralized offices in downtown Kirkland.  We chose downtown Kirkland, specifically on the Kirkland Marina, because it's a fabulous location for our employees to work from and our customers to visit.  Bike in, drive in, bus in, or sail in - whatever is your pleasure.  Marina Park is a year-round marina with a beautiful park, lots [...]

13 10, 2007

Seattle Code Camp 2007

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Hi everyone. This seems last minute but we had some technical issues (go figure). Seattle Code Camp will be held on November 17th and 18th [Updated date!] at the DigiPen Institute of Technology. In particular I'm looking for sessions on Team System and Tools and in general (they don't have to be Microsoft based!). For [...]

4 10, 2007

Can I recover my source code after I use TfsDeleteProject?

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Surprisingly, you can, at least in Visual Studio Team System 2005 (including SP1). If you’ve deleted your team project using TfsDeleteProject, the source code files are still actually there in the database, just not visible any longer. To recover the files, you’ll need to create a new team project with the same name as the [...]

4 10, 2007

New Team System User Group

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Several companies have gotten together to create a new Seattle Team System User Group! Currently there is really only one user group dedicated to .NET in the Seattle Area (King County actually since it meets at Microsoft on the east side), the .NET Developers Association. This is a great organization but they focus on all [...]

4 10, 2007

a Warm Welcome & Brief Blog Intros

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I'd like to extend a warm 'welcome' to those who are visiting our site for the first time (in other words, a 'welcome' to you all since our sites new and I'm sure it's your first time!).  We are pleased to have you.  For some brief blog introductions - who we are... First, foremost, and above [...]