23 04, 2011

Can internal competition be considered “Slack”?

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Tom DeMarco, in his book “Slack” says “There is no such thing as ‘healthy competition’ in a knowledge organization; all internal competition is destructive.” Tom DeMarco is a smart man, and I love the book “Slack”, so I hesitate to disagree.  However, I believe DeMarco is looking at the organization through a very particular lens, [...]

13 04, 2011

TFS SP1 and Lab Management–wait for the QFE – FIXED

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: Microsoft released a QFE to address the issue outlined below. Here is a summary of the list of issues fixed by the QFE, to help you decide whether you should apply the QFE: Issue 1: When you run tests on the test agent that is installed on a computer that has Visual Studio [...]

4 04, 2011

Team Days–Day 1!

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Today was Day 1 of our quarterly Team Days, when the whole Northwest Cadence team gets together to work collaboratively on internal projects, eat way too many snacks, and talk about new strategies.  This quarter Lori brought in a massage therapist and we all got massages throughout the day. I get to work with a [...]