28 06, 2013

Team Foundation Server 2013 Preview is available and Go-Live

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At Build this week Steve Ballmer announced the blue wave of products from Microsoft. This included Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Client 8.1 and most importantly Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013.

26 06, 2013

Three Golden Rules for Continuous Delivery

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What are the three major golden rules for continuous delivery? Why are they important? In addition, how can these help an organization and team deliver software? In this blog post, I will be covering how the three golden rules for continuous delivery address and answer these questions. Applies to · Release Management · Configuration Management [...]

24 06, 2013

Git – TFS Integration – Why it matters

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Microsoft recently announced the support of Git, the ubiquitous Distributed Version Control System with Visual Studio, and even more significantly, with Team Foundation Server. Scott Hanselman, on his blog, beat me to the punch in using the prolific geek quote from Ghostbusters, “Dogs and cats, living together...mass hysteria!” to describe the enormity of this development, [...]

20 06, 2013

Interested in learning more about agile?

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Online As you’ll read in our TechEd 2013 Retrospective, we delivered an innovative all-day pre-conference workshop called Enterprise Agility Is Not an Oxymoron, which was ranked by our 50+ attendees as the #4 content session at all of TechEd NA! Based on the feedback we’ve received from them and other attendees of the course this [...]

14 06, 2013

Continuous Delivery Quick Start Series

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Are you looking for ways to improve your software delivery cycle into production? Is your automation process more of a manual process? Are you wondering what Chocolatey and NuGet are? Join Northwest Cadence for this complementary webcast series on Continuous Delivery. Learn why Continuous Delivery is important in today’s software process and how it can [...]

13 06, 2013

Retrospective: Northwest Cadence at TechEd North America 2013

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From the #4 rated session of the entire conference to a crazy job offer to unreasonably spicy crustaceans, Northwest Cadence went big at TechEd NA 2013!

6 06, 2013

NuGet for Release Management

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NuGet has been around for some time, and still many companies are not using NuGet to help with dependency and packaging management. So why NuGet for your release management practices and what are the benefits of using the NuGet package manager tool? The one thing that release management requires is a well defined and traceable [...]

3 06, 2013

Load Testing with Team Foundation Service

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Load Testing with Team Foundation Service was announced today at TechEd North America and on Brian Harry’s blog in his Visual Studio 2013 post: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/bharry/archive/2013/06/03/visual-studio-2013.aspx. This is a new service that can be thought of as “cloud load testing.” The new service will now enable teams to perform load testing on their apps without having [...]