13 01, 2015

DSC Authoring

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From the last four posts in this series, I have explained the DSC foundation corner stone of the what, why, where and how. With a good foundation of the basic to work from, we now can go deeper into DSC authoring phases.  The authoring phase is the first part of a two-part phase.  The Pull [...]

6 01, 2015

Washington state likes us!

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Northwest Cadence is a top-ranked finalist for Agile Consultant Services for Washington state. We’re excited to be back in Olympia helping software delivery teams get agile and Lean!

6 01, 2015

Azure Website Autoscaling

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Northwest Cadence is currently building a reporting platform for TFS. As part of that platform, we’re leveraging Azure Websites in a fairly sophisticated manner.  One of the key features we rely on is the ability to autoscale our websites based on schedule and load. Luckily, it’s also one of the simplest features to implement! A [...]

6 01, 2015

Configuration Management and Desired State Configuration (DSC)

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In the last post, we talked about PowerShell and DSC at a technical level.  In this blog post, I wanted to cover the challenges and bottlenecks that I see within companies as the code enters the build, test and release process (BTR process). To be clear, I am not talking about the practices of how [...]