12 05, 2015

What You Should Know About Azure Security

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  Security in the Digital Age “Azure employs a risk-management model of shared-responsibility between the customer and Microsoft. Microsoft is responsible for the platform including services offered, and seeks to provide a cloud service that can meet the security, privacy, and compliance needs of our customers. Customers are responsible for their environment once [...]

5 05, 2015

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Azure VMs

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You’re likely already familiar with Azure’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service. As one of the key offerings, you can spin up Windows and Linux virtual machines in Azure in minutes. There are over a hundred pre-built templates ranging from Windows Server running SQL Server, to Linux running MySQL, as well as a host of other flavors.   Check out the [...]

1 05, 2015

Learn all about Database Continuous Integration

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I’ve said before that I have a passion for databases. Remember you can see that passion, live in Bellevue WA, because I’m running a workshop for Redgate Software on Database Continuous Integration on 15 May. Continuous integration ensures software is in a working state all the time, even during the development process. As soon as [...]