26 08, 2015

Hack Your Agility: Real Agility Requires Customer Agility

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Are your customers giving you feedback as fast as you need it?  Are you finding that your agile practices are delivering features faster than your users can review?  Is your team frustrated by the quality of feedback from your stakeholders? We spend a lot of time focusing on our software development practices, working on our [...]

26 08, 2015

Take A Lap Around Cortana Analytics

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Steve and I are really excited about Cortana Analytics Suite and I think it really comes across in our webcast. The speed and flexibility Cortana Analytics affords keeps our mind spinning about new and novel ways to use this technology. I mean, in no time at all you can watch Steve put together a Sentiment [...]

21 08, 2015

Azure Data Factory: A Vignette – Part One of the Cortana Cadence Series

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We can no longer afford to ignore the data available to us. All too often we collect it, glance at it, then shelve or destroy it. By doing this we are throwing away our competitive advantage. The good news is that as data becomes more ubiquitous, the tools available are becoming more sophisticated. Let me [...]

19 08, 2015

Cortana Analytics: It Can Reinvent The Way You Do Business

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Cortana Analytics is a suite of tools enabling you to transform your data into intelligent action. With Cortana Analytics you can prepare your data, monitor its quality, determine how to parse it, store both your structured and unstructured data in highly scalable infrastructure, analyze it using Machine Learning and analytics, and then present your findings [...]

18 08, 2015

Hack Your Agility: Get Continuous About Learning

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How knowledgable is your team?  Are you consistently challenging yourself to learn more about the technologies you're using?  Does your team spend time educating each other on new discoveries? Agility isn't just about shortening your delivery cycles.  It's about developing the skills and abilities to deliver software better. Part of that process is learning from 'safe-to-fail [...]

10 08, 2015

Hack Your Agility: Testing Earlier in the Cycle

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How soon are you beginning your testing?  Are you waiting for all requirements to be complete before testing?  Does it take your developers a long time to get testable code into the testers hands? Waiting to near the end of your development cycle is a common practice amongst new agile teams.  It harkens back to [...]

10 08, 2015

Machine Learning Without the Complexity

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Northwest Cadence is excited about the power Cortana Analytics brings to businesses big and small. I am too! But, when I was asked to take the lead with our Cortana Analytics offerings, I didn't know where to begin. The big data and advanced analytics space can be a bit overwhelming. After all, that's what data [...]

6 08, 2015

Some Things To Consider Before You Upgrade

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Last month I told you not to upgrade your Team Foundation Server.  This month, I’m standing on the mountain tops proclaiming with a loud voice, “It’s time to upgrade your Team Foundation Server!” TFS 2015 RTM has arrived. If you’ve been paying attention to what’s been going on within Microsoft’s Developer Division, you’ll know that Visual [...]

5 08, 2015

Big changes to TFS Licensing and VSO pricing!

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Over the last couple of years, I’ve introduced many customers to Visual Studio Online (TFS in the cloud).  The two main reasons they want Visual Studio Online is that they love the portfolio management and Kanban features that are being frequently updated and they love that it is easy to give external vendors/contractors access without [...]

3 08, 2015

Hack Your Agility: Improve Your Release Cadence

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Are your release practices manual? Do your release practices slow down your delivery? Are you manually configuring your environments? There are many factors that can contribute to less-than-agile release practices.  Three of the most common factors are technical debt in your release methodologies, release management belonging to another organization, and operations owning the environments.  Many [...]