20 04, 2017

Machine Learning—too good to be true?

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A successful day at Olympia going over the wonders and practicality of machine learning! Developers create software to solve problems. Fixed problems can be solved with fixed solutions. But what happens when we run into dynamic problems? We need dynamic solutions! That’s where machine learning comes in. Machine learning is a method of data [...]

19 04, 2017

Soon I’m Going to be Out of a Job…

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Advanced analytics is becoming easier and easier to implement in the cloud. Microsoft has made many of its machine learning models available to you through API calls. In fact, you can spin up a Microsoft Cognitive Services API from your Azure Portal in minutes. There is no overhead to manage or model to re-train, just [...]

5 04, 2017

If Goldilocks had Advanced Analytics

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There is a lot of talk about advanced analytics these days. The onslaught of marketing around predictive analytics and machine learning is creating a virtual ‘gold rush’ of IT organizations scrambling to understand how they can get that edge promised by advanced analytics. The problem is that most people don’t really understand what advanced analytics [...]