Agile Transformations

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Agile Transformation Comic Strip

We hope you have been enjoying our comic animations depicting some of the experiences we’ve had with customers. (  The lessons learned show how one size doesn’t fit all.  We don’t use a cookie cutter model. We explain how to follow good development practices so you understand why they work. It’s the best way to help make them work for you.

We are continuing to tell stories through comic animations, and have been focusing on “Agile” themes, with more animations about how we approach an agile transformation, the characteristics of an agile organization, and what it takes to create an agile culture.

We are excited about agile transformation and we want you to be as well!  Moving to an agile mindset can be challenging if not daunting, but we’ve seen it done in small and large organizations, regardless of cultural challenges that may be present.  Becoming agile requires a mindful and sensitive approach and we can help pave the road to your agile transformation.

Check out how we do it in our series of Agile Transformation videos!


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