ALM Knowledge Library expanded to include Process, SQL Server and more Azure videos

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It’s finally here! Check out the 20 new videos released for Q2 2015 in the ALM Knowledge Library, featuring topics on Kanban, Lean and Scrum, SQL Server, Continuous Delivery and Azure.

We’re also excited to add the fabulous Cheryl Hammond and Dan Wood to the Library’s team as video guides! These videos add to the current collection of videos in the ALM Knowledge Library.

  1. Your first Kanban board
  2. Water-Scrum-fall
  3. The daily standup
  4. The beer column
  5. Sprint planning
  6. Limiting WIP on the Kanban board
  7. Liming WIP in a sprint
  8. Kanban boards physical vs. virtual
  9. Iteration length
  10. Definitions of done on the Kanban board
  11. Intro to agile, lean, Kanban, and Scrum
  12. Testing Strategies Overview
  13. packages
  14. Git vs. TFVC
  15. Get started with Git using Eclipse
  16. Continuous Delivery
  17. Create a new SQL Server Database project
  18. Getting started with Blob Storage
  19. Use the Schema Compare utility in SSDT
  20. Creating a multi-tenant app in Azure Active Directory

If you haven’t heard, the ALM Knowledge Library is a comprehensive collection of over 100 short videos covering a variety of application lifecycle management topics. The library augments Northwest Cadence consulting services and provides quick advice, tips, and demonstrations on a wide range of topics. If you want to see a quick demo, go to or say hello to Becca and myself at

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