Azure Storage R Package

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A week ago, I came across a blog suggesting that R developers write their own personal R package to eliminate the need to copy and paste common functions into different scripts and workspaces. A personal R package would allow the developer to simply load the library and start developing using the functions they already use every day. After weeks of consistent interaction with Azure Storage Accounts I realized that I have several functions that I reuse. Interacting with Azure Storage Accounts in R can be rather difficult because you must use the REST APIs or you can use the AzureSMR R package, that gets you most of the way there.

Therefore, I decided to start developing my own R package that consists of functions I use to interact with Azure Storage. The package currently contains five functions (one in development) that allow users to interact with blob storage, however, I intended to extend the package so that it is easier to interact with queue, table, and file storage as well. Another restriction is that private blob storage access type is not currently supported, only blob or container.

Check out my R package, AzureStorage, on GitHub!  Feel free to email any feedback, bugs, or suggestions!

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