3 03, 2017

Advanced Analytics and Your Application

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Developers and business decision makers alike are starting to understand the power of advanced analytics. They know that amazing things can be done with their data but they don’t know how to get started. At Northwest Cadence, we help our clients reach new heights by building intelligence into their applications and processes – and it [...]

21 02, 2017

Modern Applications Edition: Streamlined. Scalable. Smart.

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From Good to Great with Modern Software Applications DevOps. Cloud. Advanced Analytics. Everyone seems to be talking about these buzz words. Lots of people seem to want them, but what do they really mean? What does digital transformation look like for your team and your applications? What’s in it for you and your company, and [...]

16 02, 2017

Announcement: Developer Event Not To Be Missed!

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Calling all developers: Join Northwest Cadence and Microsoft for breakfast and lunch during the hands-on event designed for developers and software teams. The events are already filling up; reserve your seat(s) today! Discover how to get started with Advanced Analytics through learning, discussion, and hands-on during this all day event. Gain a better understanding of [...]

25 10, 2016

SQL Server 2016 Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade

By | 2016-10-25T11:24:41+00:00 October 25th, 2016|Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Data Science, Database Lifecycle Management, SQL Server|0 Comments

SQL Server 2016 is the most advanced and feature-packed release of SQL Server ever. From SQL Server 2005 through SQL Server 2014, there have been some very nice improvements and the product keeps getting better every release. However, SQL Server 2016 doesn’t just bring a new game, it brings a whole new playing field. Here are [...]

4 10, 2016

The Day of the Tester is Over – Long Live the Tester!

By | 2016-10-04T14:52:57+00:00 October 4th, 2016|Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), DevOps, Software Testing|1 Comment

DevOps is radically changing the culture, tools and processes of most teams. Those that don’t embrace this change are in danger of extinction. However, in order to deploy more frequently with better quality, teams must embrace continuous testing. But aren’t testers part of Waterfall and two-year release cycles? Doesn’t the new world of frequent, rapid [...]

20 09, 2016

Azure Site Recovery: Disaster Recovery as a Service

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In today's world we expect everything to “just work;” and so do the people relying on your services. If your services go down then you're not fulfilling your customer's expectations. In this article we will learn a bit more about how to keep your services up when you use Azure Site Recovery (ASR) as part of your comprehensive Business [...]

16 09, 2016

New Videos on Enterprise App Development with Visual Studio and VSTS

By | 2016-09-16T11:48:23+00:00 September 16th, 2016|Agile, Application Development, Kanban, Lean, Process, Release Management, Scrum, Visual Studio Team Foundation Service|0 Comments

We are excited to share some exclusive videos on app development recorded by Northwest Cadence to help you learn how you can build better apps with new features in Visual Studio. Contact clientservices@nwcadence.com to learn more about any of these topics or to speak with one of our experts. Watch the videos here Follow @nwcadence [...]

13 09, 2016

Ten features that make your life easier in Visual Studio Team Services

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148. That’s (approximately) how many new features are now available in Visual Studio Team Services right now that are listed as “TFS vNext” on the Features Timeline. There are a ton of cool features in both Team Foundation Server 2015 and Visual Studio Team Services like Build vNext, my favorites being Build vNext (for automated [...]

6 09, 2016

NEW: DevOps for Java using VSTS Virtual Machine and Hands on Labs

By | 2016-09-06T10:59:15+00:00 September 6th, 2016|DevOps, Visual Studio|2 Comments

I remember when Brian Keller (who was a DPE at the time) first released a VM that had TFS and Visual Studio installed and configured, along with a set of hands on labs for experimenting and learning about the Microsoft ALM Stack. Over the years, the VM (and its siblings) affectionately became known as “Keller [...]

27 07, 2016

DevOps Maturity is One Step Away!

By | 2016-07-27T10:21:21+00:00 July 27th, 2016|Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), DevOps, Practices|0 Comments

When we work with teams on their DevOps practices, it’s helpful to get a clear picture of where they are, and where they want to go. Understanding the level of a team’s DevOps maturity is helpful for building out a clear, actionable plan. It’s easy to paint an aspirational picture to get customers excited about [...]