10 06, 2015

Evidence-Based Agile: Unveiled at the ALM Forum

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Last month was an exciting time for the Northwest Cadence team! We had a great time delivering the Pre-Conference Workshop: Fundamentals of Lean Software Delivery and Forum session Effectively Measure Your Teams without Subjugating Them during the ALM Forum at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center in Seattle, WA. We had even more fun launching Visual Cadence! [...]

5 06, 2015

Spoiler alert: I'm speaking at Agile2015!

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I've been playtesting my two upcoming Agile2015 sessions and getting awesome feedback to help me make them even better. You'll be able to view the final results this August in Washington, DC!

24 03, 2015

The Only 2 Questions to Ask in Your Daily Standup

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Stop statusing and start standupping with the only two questions that have any business being asked in your daily standup. Take back your team's time and its sanity—and more importantly, put the standup to work helping you deliver! In 2013, I wrote that the traditional "three questions" in the daily standup are wrong, and contributing [...]

19 02, 2015

Lean and Kanban at the ALM Forum

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Don’t miss the $300 Early Bird savings through March 15th! If you haven’t already, now is the time to get registered for the ALM Forum 2015! Northwest Cadence is thrilled to be delivering a pre-conference workshop, Fundamentals of Lean Software Delivery, Monday May 18th and would love to see you there!  Keith Pleas, the Executive [...]

10 02, 2015

New agile features & roadmap for VSO & TFS

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The latest news from VSO & TFS shows what a great agile transformation can accomplish.

6 01, 2015

Washington state likes us!

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Northwest Cadence is a top-ranked finalist for Agile Consultant Services for Washington state. We’re excited to be back in Olympia helping software delivery teams get agile and Lean!