7 07, 2015

Stop! Don't Upgrade TFS!!!

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Have you been putting off upgrading TFS and now you’re ready to upgrade?  Are you itching to take advantage of the great features in Team Foundation Server 2013 update 4?  Are you excited to take advantage of the query-based chart authoring in Team Web Access?  Do you want a better triage experience?  Are you hoping [...]

17 10, 2014

Here’s why Visual Studio 2013.4/TFS 2013.4 rocks

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As of yesterday, Visual Studio 2013 and TFS 2013.4 RC is out to the public. The general consensus around the office is that it’s looking pretty sweet. Here are a few updates that we’re excited about: Stakeholder license Unlimited free stakeholder licenses now available for TFS 2013.4 RC, including: Full read/write/create on all work items [...]

7 08, 2014

ALM Workflow in Azure and Visual Studio Online

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ALM Workflow, from requirements to release, has a number of moving parts and challenges that teams need to develop and refine in order to achieve the level of software development and delivery maturity they desire. Let me first explain what I mean by an ALM Workflow. I am referring to the flow of information, work, [...]

18 06, 2014

TechEd 2014 North America – second chance!

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I was honored to speak at TechEd North America again this year on two topics: From Vanity to Value, Metrics that Matter: Improving Lean and Agile, Kanban and Scrum Hybrid ALM: Using Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Online Together As always, there was a great crowd at TechEd and I got lots of great [...]

21 03, 2014

Advanced Git: Tools for the Cool Kids

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Git and Visual Studio are awesome together. For most commands, I don’t have to worry about using Command Prompt and leaving the slick UI of the IDE. It’s great to make a change, commit, and sync changes in Visual Studio within seconds. Yesterday, I was working on subtrees in Command Prompt, and right when I [...]

14 03, 2014

Visual Studio CASE STUDY on Dealogic and Northwest Cadence

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At Northwest Cadence we love sharing our customers success stories! Recently, Northwest Cadence helped Dealogic, a leading technology firm for the investment banking sector, implement a more agile development process and update their platform. It was a great success! Below are quotes from a case study written by Microsoft Visual Studio, highlighting Northwest Cadence’s role [...]

14 03, 2014

Migrate a repository from GitHub to Visual Studio Online

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When I thought about moving a GitHub repository to Visual Studio Online, I assumed that Microsoft would do everything in its power to make it difficult for me to clone it. It succeeded a little – you can’t actually use just the IDE to migrate your repo; you’ll need to jump from the IDE to [...]

3 01, 2014

Configure Release Management for Visual Studio 2013

By | 2014-01-03T10:18:49+00:00 January 3rd, 2014|Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Release Management, Release Management, Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio 2013|26 Comments

In this post, I’m going to walkthrough how to set up Release Management for the first time. This will include installing and configuring the Release Management Server, the Release Management Deployment Agent, creating an environment, and deploying our favorite application from Microsoft, Tailspin Toys. Release Management Server Much like the installers for the rest of [...]

14 11, 2013

Announcement Highlights: VSO and more!

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Since I was already in New York working with a client, I was very excited to get the opportunity to attend the Visual Studio 2013 launch in Manhattan. As I walked in to the Highline Stages building where the launch event was taking place I was immediately greeted and asked a question that most definitely [...]

14 11, 2013

The Launch: A Personal Story

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As I sat to the side of the stage witnessing Launch, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly proud. There was a lot of excitement and a million tweets describing the launch and what announcements were made, but for me, as I sat alongside Lori (the President of Northwest Cadence), this launch felt intensely personal. This [...]