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Since joining Northwest Cadence, I have had the privilege to work with many clients that are evaluating the tools, process, and practices that they use to manage their software development. Many of our clients have used their Developer Tools – Deployment Planning Services (DT-DPS) available through their Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) to help with this evaluation and planning. Since January 2012, seventeen (17) of our clients have used their DPS benefits to evaluate moving to Visual Studio 2012 . We were pleased to learn from Microsoft that Northwest Cadence has delivered the most Developer Tools Deployment Planning Services in the United States. We’re big believers that these benefits are definitely something worth using if you have them available to you!

Today, for those who are evaluating or looking to deploy Microsoft Visual Studio ALM capabilities using Team Foundation Server, Microsoft has provide three engagements to help you create your plan:

  • TFS Deployment Planning Services (Server Deployment/Upgrade)
  • VSS Migration to TFS (Source Code Management)
  • Visual Studio Quality Tools Implantation (Testing)

One of our clients recently shared his experiences in blog he wrote called: “The Winds of Changes are a Blowin

Ajarn Mark Caldwell’s blog shares how changes to their process have recently impacted the tools and practices they use at their company, which led them to Microsoft Team Foundation Server and the new “Free”  Developer Tools – Deployment Planning Services benefits they had as benefits as part of their EA with Microsoft!

Since August 15, 2011 Microsoft has offered these developer focused Planning Services benefits to client that are looking evaluate or deploy Microsoft Visual Studio ALM solution. Yet today, many of our clients are still unaware of these Software Assurance benefits they might have, which is why we continue to offer our “Leveraging your SA Benefits” webinar to help educate clients about tools they potentially own today – just like Ajarn’s story above. 

If you’re in a position like Ajarn, we’d enjoy the opportunity to help you take advantage of the same FREE benefits you might have as part of your Microsoft EA agreement. Call/email me at +1 425-605-3580 / or join us at our next free webinar Leveraging your SA Benefits.

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