Cortana Analytics: It Can Reinvent The Way You Do Business

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Cortana Analytics is a suite of tools enabling you to transform your data into intelligent action. With Cortana Analytics you can prepare your data, monitor its quality, determine how to parse it, store both your structured and unstructured data in highly scalable infrastructure, analyze it using Machine Learning and analytics, and then present your findings in easily customizable dashboards.

Cortana Analytics’ power comes from its ability to take your data and, using machine learning or HDInsights, transform it into actionable information.  Machine Learning does more than analyze your existing information.  It takes your data and, using various algorithms and machine learning techniques, learns from your data and then develops answers using predictions based on the data.  Machine Learning allows you to do more than look at what you did; it provides intelligent predictions from information in your data which you may not have considered.

Cortana Analytics’ perceptual intelligence provides a new way to interact with your customers. Using face detection, speech recognition, and text analysis, you have tools to better understand your customers intent and overall sentiment.  Perceptual intelligence allows you to customize responses and drive action.

There are a lot of tools within Cortana Analytics and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  Luckily, you don’t need to start from scratch.  There is a solution gallery that contains industry-specific partner solutions, machine learning models, API’s, and templates. It’s very easy to connect to your existing data sources!

Over the next few months, we will be focusing on various Cortana Analytics tools and how to take advantage of them to give your organization the competitive edge you’ve been looking for!

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