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You have data.  You likely have lots of it.  Your management loves looking at it.  Maybe you do too.  Is it easy?  Are you able to get the information you want out of it?  Data analytics is not always easy.  Parsing through the information and trying to find ways to slice and dice it into meaningful results can be challenging.

I’ve been working with data since the mid ’80’s.  First it was with dBase. Then Clipper. FoxBase, then  FoxPro. I built fancy front ends to parse through the data, manually building out reports and creating complex mathematical models to help the organization better understand what they were doing.  Then it was Oracle and Crystal Reports.  Followed by SQL Server, SSRS and Report Builder.  Yes, I know – Shudder – Report builder.  And now we have Power BI.  All along, I have attempted to build valuable reports with compelling information using our data.  My mathematical models weren’t always great.  I’m no data scientist, but for the time they were not bad either. Back then there just wasn’t a lot of analysis tools available that I could use to built out quality reports.

There are so many great tools available now.  Your data has a story to tell.  Maybe you think you know what that is. Maybe you’ve built great dashboards that provide a concise view into the past,  helping your organization make better decisions. But do your dashboards let you see into the future?  Are you really happy with the reports you are using?  I suspect that you may think you are.  But ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do my reports give me actionable information?
  • Do my reports provide with a way to predict future behaviors of our customers?
  • Can I use my reports to confidently validate my business strategy?
  • Do my reports give me enough information to help me get an edge over my competition?

As you know, we at Northwest Cadence love metrics and data analysis.  If you spend any time with Steven Borg or Stan Dotloe you will undoubtedly get into a healthy conversation on the latest trends in data analysis.  We believe that with the right windows into your data, coupled with the right practices, you can:

  • Get a hand up on your competition.
  • Identify ways to improve how you are delivering value to your customer.
  • Find better ways to focus your organizational efforts to increase profitability, reduce expenses, and drive revenue.
  • Turn your programmers and testers into world-class development teams.

Over the last year we’ve been talking about advanced analytics as a fantastic toolset for building out insightful dashboards that will not only give you a view into your historical data, but will also build out predictive models for future behaviors.  In fact, we are so jazzed about it, we created a short video about how we can help you innovate using business analytics and data you have on hand.  You have data.  You want a competitive advantage.  Don’t let your data sit there, unused, untouched, undiscovered.

Not sure what to do with your data or how you can read between the lines?  Using advanced analytics and machine learning can provide you insight into how your customers are consuming your services and products.  Not only will it tell you what they were doing, but it can predict what they will do.  We have customers using advanced analytics to determine daily fuel prices based on market movement.  We have customers using advanced analytics to help identify at risk kids and suggest solutions for improving engagement.  And we helping customers build intelligent applications that identify which customer transactions are going to be more likely to generate revenue.  The world is your oyster when it comes to advanced analytics!

Your data has the potential to revolutionize your business, you just need to find different ways to view it.  Advanced Analytics can bring new life to your business!

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