Curious About Using Predictive Analytics for your Marketing Efforts?

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If you’re not using predictive analytics to inform your marketing efforts, you need to check out our Modern Marketing solution in the Power BI Partner Showcase! There you will be able to interact with our Modern Marketing dashboard to uncover hidden insights. The first page of reports is a general overview of the business value marketing campaigns are providing; drill down and slice the data to see which campaigns have the best return on marketing investment! The second page breaks transactions down by salesperson and manager to show you who your top performers are. It also uses CRM data and predictive analytics to suggest what the “Next Best Action” would be to close a sale. As you interact with the sales Pipeline Stages at the bottom of the page, you’ll notice that the machine learning algorithm makes recommendations based on the customer and where they are in the sales pipeline. When you’re finished exploring the dashboard click the video below to see how you might use a customized version of this dashboard in your organization!

Northwest Cadence helps companies design and execute Modern Marketing efforts to predict customer behavior and improve pipeline generation. Through a collection of interactive visualizations and machine learning tools, our customers have the ability to analyze marketing efforts and predict the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in real time.

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