Developing Cloud Apps with Azure

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In today’s cloud-crazy world we see organizations “moving to the cloud” all the time. What does that really mean? And how can you do it effectively?

Most organizations start with a “lift and shift” – taking on-premises VMs and moving them to the cloud. For example, moving an IIS server to a VM in the cloud certainly moves you off-premises – but you’re still managing the server as you did on-premises. This “lift and shift” is moving to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). However, there’s a more “cloud-born” model where you take advantage of Platform as a Service (PaaS) – take that same web app and host it in Azure Web Apps for example. This frees you from having to manage servers to just managing your apps – but you’ll probably have to change your architecture to “cloud-enable” it. If you want to read up on architecting for PaaS, take a look at this post.

Learning Cloud Application Development

Besides Web Apps, there is a ton of functionality in Azure that organizations can leverage to start moving beyond “lift and shift” and into Cloud-born architecture. But then how do you manage identity? What about mobile apps? What about containers? How do you do DevOps to the cloud? It’s easy to get lost in all the options.

Fortunately, there’s a Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) course that can introduce you to some of these capabilities! Hosted by myself and Steven Borg, Cloud Application Development is a demo-rich course that shows you how Azure can enable Cloud-born applications and increase developer productivity. Learn about Azure App Service for web apps and how to build cross-platform mobile apps with backend data services provided by Azure. Take a look at microservices and containers, explore identity as the core of enterprise mobility, see how to set up a DevOps pipeline, and much more, in this practical Cloud App development course.

Colin and Steve MVA 20170228

Here’s a quick overview of the course content:

  • Application Platform – Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
    • Learn about the advantages of developing applications on the Azure platform, and see demos of mobile and web app development
  • Storage and Databases
    • Store your data by using relational and NoSQL services on Azure
  • Other Solutions to Support App Development
    • Learn about Azure services that enable modern application architectures, such as Identity Services
  • DevOps and Visual Studio Team Services
    • Watch demos that show how to create a Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline that enables Cloud DevOps

Of course we’d love feedback on the course – either on the MVA site or directly to us. And if you’re wanting to take the next step and start developing or migrating to modern applications, please contact us so that we can help you design for the Cloud!

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