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I’m so excited to announce our new offering, in partnership with Microsoft, that allows you to use your Software Assurance (SA) benefits to fund a deep-dive assessment and strategic planning around DevOps.

DevOps is a big deal, and a broad concept. It was originally conceived as “dev and ops working seamlessly together”, and that’s still the heart of DevOps, but as the industry’s understanding has matured, we’ve learned that it’s much, much more…

DevOps + agile: real continuous delivery.
DevOps + automation: real end-to-end quality at speed.
DevOps + business: don’t just satisfy – delight and amaze.
DevOps + architecture: hot-swappable micro-services.
DevOps + support: real-time responsiveness and proactive issue detection.
DevOps + learning: data-driven decision-making.
DevOps + cloud: self-provision and autoscale infrastructure.

DevOps + dev + ops: bring together the best knowledge of your business, your coders, testers, and operations experts, working as one true team, to achieve extraordinary results.

Microsoft has provided a comprehensive new framework to evaluate all the aspects of DevOps maturity within your organization – the great things you are already doing – and identify the most valuable opportunities for short-and long-term improvement. We can help you more deeply understand your successes and advantages, and create a plan for easing your pain points and exploiting your opportunities.

That’s just for starters. Of course, this vision of DevOps fits perfectly with the philosophy we’ve always had at Northwest Cadence: that your success is built on people and process and practices and tools. We bring our years of expertise in all of those things to give you an all-encompassing look at the competitive advantages your organization can achieve with targeted DevOps solutions.

If you have SA benefits as part of your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA), this incredibly valuable strategic DevOps offering, delivered by Northwest Cadence, might already be paid for! Don’t leave Microsoft’s money sitting on the table. You paid for it, now get all the value you deserve out of it. We can even help you figure out what benefits you have available. Call our Client Services team at +1 425 455 1155 or email us at to get started, and I hope to see you soon to talk DevOps!

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