Dev/Test in the Cloud

Northwest Cadence enjoyed partnering with Microsoft to create and deliver virtual training sessions on DevOps. We are so excited to be able to share these sessions with you for your on-demand viewing!

Why Dev/Test in the Cloud?

Join Rodrigo de Carvalho, Microsoft Product Marketing Manager, and Steven Borg, Northwest Cadence Co-Founder and Strategist, for these Dev/Test in the Cloud Microsoft Virtual Academy sessions.

Learn about the Dev/Test landscape today, and explore the differences between running on-premises versus cloud-based Dev/Test environments. Get an overview of the main services for Dev/Test teams.

DevTest in the Cloud - Steve and Rodrigo

Why Dev/Test in the Cloud?
  Dev/Test Today: Challenges & Opportunities
  Why Dev Teams Should Move Dev/Test to Azure
  Azure Services to Configure Dev/Test in the Cloud
  Dev/Test Labs in the Modern DevOps World

Are you a developer who needs to deliver faster and better applications?  Moving your development and testing environments to the cloud can help you achieve exactly that!

Learn how to get it done, and find out the benefits of making the move. Plus, see demonstrations and presentations that show you how Microsoft Azure can support your development and testing needs.

 Looking to lean more?  Contact us!

We’d love to talk with you about your organization, goals, and how DevOps can bring value to your business.

DevTest in the Cloud - Steve

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