Enterprise Agility is Not an Oxymoron

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Northwest Cadence’s new Workshop:

Enterprise Agility is Not an Oxymoron


Every enterprise wants to develop software better, but adopting a methodology which fails to take into account your organization’s context, culture, and regulatory or legacy obligations is usually too risky. Too radical a change too quickly, or the wrong change too forcefully, can drive a wedge between engineering and business. Complete or partial process failures compound themselves by demoralizing the team.     

There is a better way.     

All of the popular lean and agile methodologies offer valuable insights and are backed by real success stories, but no methodology can work if it’s carelessly or dogmatically applied. In the enterprise, it’s critical to identify and focus quickly on your unique leverage points. Starting up right allows you to create early wins and then build upon your teams’ success to achieve real gains faster than you could have imagined.      

This workshop exposes the practices and measures that drive continued improvement, and how they can be introduced gently to the organization. We will show you how incremental, measurable improvements can be adopted with minimal risk. Think you have to rework your entire development process and radically change everything overnight to get agile success? Think again. Real improvements are easily accomplished without the need for radical changes, using the tools taught in this workshop. We’ll explore ideas from lean, kanban, the Theory of Constraints, and of course, agile principles and Scrum, all with the perspective you need to identify and put in place the right practices for your organization.     

We’ll discuss how three very different organizations have used these tools to deliver more features, in less time, with the same number of resources. Yes, you heard that right: learn how ordinary teams, in ordinary organizations, have broken the iron triangle. And more importantly, learn the practices that will let you bring lean into your organization credibly and sustainably.     

Throughout the day, we will examine three case studies: a retailer, a manufacturer and a nonprofit organization. All three enterprises leveraged continual process improvement to achieve measurable results. Each of these enterprises took notably different paths to adoption, yet each experienced very real improvements in their teams.     

This post-conference session is designed to be the capstone of your entire ALM Summit experience – a way to take the ideas and inspirations of the week and make them yours. You’ll leave with a concrete list of steps to put into place on Monday morning, backed by a deeper understanding that will help you to drive those changes in your organization over the long term. Armed with the tools and takeaways from this session, you can expect to see significant, measurable improvements in your development process in as little as 3-6 months.



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