Finding a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) process template that works for you!

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There are currently two options for moving to a Scaled Agile Framework-centric process template. I created one and made it available on GitHub here.

In addition, the ALM Rangers have also published a whitepaper on mapping existing TFS work item types to SAFe, with minimal process template alterations, available here.

It is very important to note that the two approaches are quite different, and your experience and needs will determine which one you choose to implement.

Our approach implements the canonical SAFe work items and work item flow. This process template is best for teams that are starting from scratch, or wish to migrate to SAFe with a minimal migration into a new Team Project and a new Process Template. If you want to do by-the-book SAFe, this is the template you should use.

The ALM Ranger approach attempts to match existing Scrum Process Template items to SAFe ideas. This approach requires minimal process template customizations, and is best for teams that wish to adopt some of the ideas from SAFe, but not necessarily the entire framework.

The core of the Scaled Agile Framework is a great idea and there are two ways you can approach it. You can deliver it by-the-book or you can take some of the powerful ideas behind SAFe and apply them to your existing scrum teams.  If you want to take advantage of all its strengths, then you should use the template we’ve built.  Otherwise, the guidance provided by the ALM Rangers will likely work for you (and the rumor is there is more to come along this line). Either way, there are some great ideas and minds behind the Scaled Agile Framework.  If you want to know more about SAFe, check them out here.

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