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Okay, it’s been a very long while since I’ve blogged but one of my new co-works, Martin Hinshelwood, who won the ALM MVP of the year award (in part because he’s an awesome blogger). So, he re-did our blog site and now he says there is no excuse for me not to blog now.

Software Testing With Visual Studio 2010

So this is my first post back. My new book, “Software Testing with Visual Studio 2010” has been released. You can get it at Amazon. One of the nuggets inside is a coupon from Northwest Cadence for discounted training classes.

Any feedback on the book is welcome.

In addition, the book Professional Team Foundation Server 2010 has been released which contains a wealth of information. You can read more about that book and get it at Amazon also.

Expect to see a lot more posts and a lot more tips and tricks otherwise I will be hearing from Martin.

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