Free VSTS Training – Lap around VSTS 2010 / Rosario

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On December 4, 2008, Northwest Cadence will be sponsoring a free “Lap around VSTS 2010 / Rosario” session, here in our Kirkland offices overlooking Lake Washington.  Come hear about the latest information about VSTS 2010 (AKA Rosario) from Jeff Levinson, Team System MVP.  This free VSTS training session will cover many of the new features of Visual Studio 2010, plus give attendees time to ask questions related to features, upgrading from VSTS 2005 and VSTS 2008 and anything else they’d like to ask!

Here’s a short blurb!  For more information, or to register, send an email to

In this free, 3 hour Team System training session, we will explore the new features of Visual Studio Team System 2010 and what it means for your business, productivity, application management and quality. The areas we will cover are Team Foundation Server and the much hyped hierarchical work items as well as improvements to History, Merge, Work Item Queries and the focus on Agile development. The Architecture editions numerous improvements (including full support for UML 2.x) will be demonstrated as well as the new Architecture Explorer which allows you to quickly and easily visualize an application from the high level down to the object dependencies. The developer edition provides updated tools for performance profiling, the Historical Debugger (formerly called “Proteus”) and the ability to view affected tests based on changes to the code. Finally, we’ll cover the Test Edition with a focus on the “Camano” user interface, Manual Test Runner, Test Case Management and the fact that Team System 2010 is a reliable testing platform with the features you expect it to have!

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