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One of the categories for this blog is FUQ.  It stands for Frequently Unanswered Questions.  Basically, there are plenty of places on the web for you to get data about questions everyone runs into during their Team System implementation.  One of the best sources is the Microsoft Team System forums.  However, there are often questions that aren’t answered already in the forums, and that sometimes go unanswered.  These are the questions we hope to answer in this series — questions that are asked, but that often go unanswered.  Many of the times these posts will point out effective ways to do things with readily available Team System tools and widgets, such as How can I listen to TFS Events (without building everything from scratch)?  Other times, they will expose lessons we’ve learned over the course of working with TFS, such as How many Team Build types should I have for one solution?  Enjoy!  (And don’t think too hard about the acronym…  No laughing!  Joel Semeniuk, I’m talking to you!) 🙂

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  1. steven.shippee November 14, 2007 at 11:35 am

    Speaking of unanswered questions, URL:


    lists a smattering of what makes up Exam 70-510. Wouldn’t it be nice to have references as to where one could go to look that particular information up – or would the pat answer be it’s all contained in Jeff’s book?

  2. MikeAzocar November 14, 2007 at 1:44 pm


    We made that exam hard as heck! The best way to study for it… use it for a year or two.

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