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One of the most common version control best practices that gets violated is the “Get Latest Before Check-In” practice. In a team environment, a developer should always do a Get Latest of the entire application he or she is working on PRIOR to checking in! They can then do a local build, run tests, etc, to ensure their code is as good as possible prior to checking it in. To help support this practice, Northwest Cadence has built a Check-in Policy that verifies that a Get Latest was executed prior to Check-in.

We are providing this tool as a service to the community, and will happily take comments and recommendations for future improvements. It is currently in production use at several companies, so it’s had some testing outside of our test environments. We are releasing the source code for the tool as well. I haven’t thought of what licensing model we should us, but consider it released under the most permissive one you can find. 🙂 (Does someone have a good recommendation?) In other words, you can use it, modify it, resell it, print it out and use it to start your campfires… whatever you’d like.

Enjoy!  If you enjoy it, or have recommendations, please leave a comment!

Download: Get Latest Before Check-in Policy

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