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There has been quite a bit of buzz around the fact that integration with the popular distributed version control system Git has come to the Visual Studio stack. Northwest Cadence will be giving a one hour webcast with MSDN to talk about this specific integration. There are three main integration points along the Visual Studio stack where Git can come into place, and in the webcast we will be talking about each one, how they differ from the next, and how they can be useful to you and your team. Git has become one of the most popular version control systems as of lately and the new integrations to Visual Studio makes it part of the Application Lifecycle Management solution the Team Foundation Server offers.


Three Integration Points

There are three different integration points that are now part of the story of Visual Studio.

  • Git-tf is a tool that gives the ability to synchronize Team Foundation Version Control with a Git repository. For instance, if a team were to have their code in a TFS team project, they could clone the project’s source control as a Git repository, treat that repository as if it were any other Git repository, and then checkin the changes into the TFS Version Control.
  • The Visual Studio IDE now has a plugin that will allow a user to interact with any Git repository via the Team Explorer. Your changes will be tracked, you can commit to your local repository, your commits can be pushed to the origin repository, etc.
  • Team Foundation Service (cloud hosted TFS) now hosts Team Projects with the ability to have Git be the source control for the project.

These integration points will be covered in more detail as well as other topics during the upcoming webcast on using Git with Visual Studio.

To register or to find out more information about the “Introducing the New Git Integration with TFS 2012” webcast please visit the Northwest Cadence events page.

We look forward to seeing you on May 1st at 9AM PST.

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