Hack Your Agility: Improve Your Release Cadence

Are your release practices manual? Do your release practices slow down your delivery? Are you manually configuring your environments?

There are many factors that can contribute to less-than-agile release practices.  Three of the most common factors are technical debt in your release methodologies, release management belonging to another organization, and operations owning the environments.  Many teams focus their agile efforts on development and testing practices and do not take the time to identify ways to make their deployment practices more agile.

Work with your operations team to show how your movement towards more agile practices can help their practices as well.  Scrutinize your release practices and ask your team if each part of the process is truly necessary. Identify ways to automate various practices.  When working with a separate ops team responsible for provisioning environments, determine if you can leverage cloud technologies like Azure for new environments.

Improving your release cadence requires a mindful approach since it’s likely you will need to interface with other organizations, but an agile release cadence is worth it.  As you increase the cadence and reliability of your software release cycle, your business will be able to deliver value to the customer more consistently.

(Original article appeared in April 29th 2015 edition of The Tempo)

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