Hack Your Agility: Your Team Collaboration Needs Improvement

Do your team members solve problems together?  Do you use pair programming? Are you working to build a team that is cross-disciplined?

Agile software development is about short timeframes, safe-to-fail experiments and delivering small batches in an incremental way.  It’s also about delivering value to the customer in small chunks so you can get fast feedback. Team collaboration is another important value in agile teams because it allows teams to improve quality while potentially reducing the time it takes to deliver. It may seem counter intuitive and expensive to throw two people at a problem, but two pairs of eyes can result in higher-quality output more quickly.  In addition, team members with cross-disciplinary skills can easily step up and fill the gap when necessary, reducing the chance of having a blocker impeding a timely delivery.

Team collaboration requires that people communicate effectively and learn to trust one another. An agile team that can collaborate effectively will see higher quality output as well as higher team satisfaction.  It’s time to hack your team collaboration!

(Original article appeared in April 22nd 2015 edition of The Tempo)

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