Hands-on Roadshow: Unlock Your Goldmine of Data with Machine Learning

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Put Machine Learning to Work2

West Region 8-city Roadshow: Machine learning – the vision you need to transform your business.

Seats are filling up quickly. Register today!

              Mar. 30Bellevue, WA*               Apr. 27 | Portland, OR*
              Apr. 20 | Olympia, WA                May. 2 | Denver, CO
              Apr. 25 | Los Angeles, CA                May. 3San Diego, CA
              Apr. 26 | Irvine, CA*                May. 4Mountain View, CA

*Space very limited. Reserve your seat today!
Seats are filling up quickly. Register today!

Who should attend? You. Especially if you’re a dev or dev lead.

“We have so much data that we’re not event looking at it – we’re just sitting on it. There appears to be substantial potential here for improving our bottom line.” 

– CIO, National Distribution Company

Why attend? Because there many business problems you have to solve daily. After this event, you’ll have practical know-how and experience employing text analysis, product recommendations, and computer vision to build intelligence into your applications.

Machine learning provides the vision you need to transform your business.
Visualize your software tomorrow…

  • Reorganize your data, simply
  • Make informed decisions faster
  • Increase your revenue
  • Reduce the time to react to market conditions
  • Beat your competition to market

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