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Build and Deploy a SharePoint 2010 Project with Team Builds (Introduction)

One item introduced in SharePoint 2010 that I’m excited about is the ability to more easily use Team Build 2010 with SharePoint 2010 projects. Not only can we now treat SharePoint development as part of a regular software release, we can now Build and Deploy a SharePoint package from a Team Build. These capabilities allow for more controlled and reliable releases for SharePoint development, plus make the release process far more repeatable. Too often, SharePoint development, build, and release have been more of an art then a standard software development and engineering practice.

Northwest Cadence is excited to feature this three-part series on Building and Deploying a SharePoint 2010 Project with Team Builds.  Over the next three editions (check back next week to see the 1st Edition! ), we will provide an overview of a SharePoint 2010 Project and set the foundation to build upon, dive into the details of creating a SharePoint package from Team Foundation Server 2010 Team Build, and then deploy the .WSP package to a SharePoint test site.   

Building and Deploying a SharePoint 2010 Project with Team Builds

1st Edition: Configuration and Overview (coming next week Smile)

  • Learn the basic configuration required
  • Review project features in VS 2010
  • Overview of the features, elements, and other objects that are in the SharePoint 2010 project structure
  • Create a SharePoint WebPart project

2nd Edition: Team Build and SharePoint

  • Create a Team Build for a SharePoint Project
  • Create a SharePoint Build template to pass in deployment parameters 
  • Create a deployment step (condition logic check) class in C# and include it into the (F5) or Team Build process

3rd Edition: Deploying a SharePoint package with Team Build and PowerShell

  • Create a PowerShell script to deploy the SharePoint package 
  • Learn how to break down each deployment features  
  • Pass parameters from team build to a .ps1 file for an enterprise deployment

We look forward to sharing the coming information with you!

-Bryon Root

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