Continuous Delivery with Azure, Agility and Automation Roundtable Series: Coming to California in October

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We are very excited to bring our Leadership Roundtable Series to California in October!

We would love to have you!

This series has a strong focus on continuous delivery, coupled with an Azure message talking about how Azure can revolutionize the speed at which a dev team can deliver software. These are great, leadership-level events with wonderful and relevant content.


Oct. 14. 14 | Register | San Diego, CA

Oct. 15. 14 | Register | Irvine, CA

Oct. 16. 14 | Register | Palo Alto, CA

For more details and registration information, visit our Events Page!

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Are you ready for continuous delivery?  The capabilities enabled by Microsoft Azure can be truly transformative – not just in how you ship software, but how you engage your customers and innovate in your market.

Join Cheryl Hammond and Northwest Cadence at our exclusive Leadership Roundtable.  This event brings together technology leaders from all industries to discuss practical approaches for achieving continuous delivery using Azure.  Cheryl, a recognized expert in enterprise lean/agile transformations, brings her breadth of experience to inform the challenges you face and opportunities you can realize.  Together, we’ll share breakfast and ideas, and you’ll leave with your own roadmap to achieving cloud cadence.


On the journey to faster feedback and more frequent delivery, most organizations find technical impediments – legacy code, testing bottlenecks, technical debt, IT constraints – holding them back.  These aren’t new, and there are proven practices to help your team’s power through these challenges, but we’ve found organizations often struggle to make those practices work.  New capabilities powered by the cloud have helped many of our clients get over their technical hurdles, and we’ll share their success stories with you.


What could you achieve if you had proven, trustworthy, ready-to-ship software any time you wanted?  Even if you don’t deploy it, the knowledge that you could changes everything – management buy-in, customer trust, technical innovation, responsiveness to feedback.  Automation reinforces agile thinking and agile capacity.  You’re not replacing your valuable professionals, you’re enabling them to do their best work.  Knowing the what, when, why, and how of automation is key to putting Azure to work for you.  We’ll demonstrate our own continuous delivery pipeline and share with you the decisions and tradeoffs we put into our own pushbutton release process.


All of this is to say, Azure is a lot more than business-as-usual moved into the cloud.  We’ll help you understand the difference between the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) strategies, and assess your own situation to decide which one(s) might be right for you.

Throughout our Roundtable, we’ll keep it interactive, and focus on the questions that matter most to you.  You’ll leave with a clear idea of next steps to take in your own organization.

Audience and Prerequisites:

The events are targeted at business decision makers and technology leaders.

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