Lean Kanban North America 2014 – Steven Borg on Enterprise Agility: Lean at Scale

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Join Steven Borg on May 5-8 at the upcoming leadership conference: Modern Management Methods – Making Better Decisions in the Face of Complexity and Uncertainty.

If you’re in a leadership role and are responsible for managing knowledge work activities, this conference is one that you don’t want to miss. The Modern Management Conference has extremely well-respected Lean & Kanban experts all under one roof – the San Francisco Hyatt Regency, Embarcadero, May 5-8. Keynote speakers include Dave Snowden, David J. Anderson, Buarte Bogsnes, and Joshua Kerievsky.

StveSteven Borg, Northwest Cadence Strategist and Co-Founder, is honored to be among the great thought leaders delivering sessions at the LKNA 2014 Conference. During Steven’s session, Enterprise Agility: Lean at Scale, attendees will interactively explore the essential agile and lean principles needed to drive change at the enterprise level. Every enterprise wants to develop software better, but adopting a methodology which fails to take into account your organization’s context, culture, and regulatory or legacy obligations is usually too risky. Too radical a change too quickly, or the wrong change too forcefully, can drive a wedge between engineering and business. Complete or partial process failures compound themselves by demoralizing teams. Additionally, pushing too much standardization can result in a fragile, failure-prone organization.

All of the popular lean and agile methodologies offer valuable insights and are backed by real success stories, but no methodology can work when it is carelessly or dogmatically applied. In the enterprise, it isn’t enough to follow someone else’s playbook. You need a deeper understanding of the “why”—the theory behind the methodology—so you can identify and address the real impediments to agile in your environment, and craft targeted solutions with confidence.

May 5-8 is just around the corner. If you’re unable to attend the Modern Management Conference and are interested in what Steven has to say about Enterprise Agility: Lean at Scale, please contact Client Services to schedule your own interactive session with Steven Borg and your team, in your environment.

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