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I’ve said before that I have a passion for databases.

Remember you can see that passion, live in Bellevue WA, because I’m running a workshop for Redgate Software on Database Continuous Integration on 15 May.

Continuous integration ensures software is in a working state all the time, even during the development process. As soon as database changes have been checked in to version control, a continuous integration process automatically builds and tests those changes in a CI environment.

That’s the promise – but how do you actually do it?

I’ll be showing you, in one fact-filled day.

You’ll learn how to link your source control repository to a build system, how to trigger those database builds, and how Redgate tools can be used to test the changes in the database.

Oh, and afterwards, there’ll be a chance to network and share some beers because I’d really like your feedback on the kind of stuff we deal with every day. I’ll be particularly interested in your thoughts on Database Lifecycle Management (DLM), because continuous integration is at the heart of DLM.

If you’re interested, book your place now. The workshop is on Friday, 15 May, and it’s going to be a fascinating day.

I look forward to meeting you.

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