Load Testing with Team Foundation Service

Load Testing with Team Foundation Service was announced today at TechEd North America and on Brian Harry’s blog in his Visual Studio 2013 post: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/bharry/archive/2013/06/03/visual-studio-2013.aspx. This is a new service that can be thought of as “cloud load testing.” The new service will now enable teams to perform load testing on their apps without having to setup and configure their own infrastructure. The teams can merely create a load test (Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate is required for this), point to their TFService account, and run the load test. After setting up test rigs for running load tests on an internal infrastructure, the ability to generate load quickly and easily via TFService is unbelievably refreshing.

Creating web performance and load tests are done exactly as they were in previous versions of Visual Studio, and the only option that needs changing is the Test run location:

6-3-2013 9-06-42

After changing the simple setting, you merely need to run the load test.

6-3-2013 8-53-29

The feedback given during the test is a bit different than what we normally see with load tests. The amount of counter sets is much less, but this is immediate feedback. Once the test is done, you can download the results and see all of the counter sets that you would normally see in a load test. There is also a great load test manager that will let you view previous runs and give you instantaneous feedback about the run. Again, opening a previous run will give you the limited counter sets, but you can download and view the full results for any given test.

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Like Mr. Harry has noted in his blog post today, as of now the new feature will be released in a preview version and requires Visual Studio 2013 to be able to try – the preview version will be available later this month at the Build Conference. This new service offering is very exciting for both small and large development teams alike!

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