Mastering R: Deploy R Scripts Using Microsoft Machine Learning Server

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Microsoft Machine Learning Server (formally Microsoft R Server) is an enterprise class server for hosting and managing R and Python workloads. In this demonstration we focus on R workloads. The server provides an execution engine for solutions built using Microsoft R for statistical analysis and machine learning scenarios. The final step of an organization’s machine learning development process is to deploy an interface for consumption. Microsoft Machine Learning Server provides that interface. It is a full-featured web services software development kit for R that allows software developers to easily consume predictive analytics using any language.

I wrote a blog about Deploying Your First Web Service with Microsoft R Server. This video walks through this blog to demo both the MicrosoftML R package, and Microsoft Machine Learning Server. The objective of this demo is to detect if two questions are logically the same. The dataset we will be using is provided to the public by Quora. Developing, deploying, and consuming web services using Microsoft Machine Learning Server is easy and available to organizations of all sizes.

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