Mini Case Study for a Nation-Wide Computer Software Development Company

Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 Upgrade

The Challenge:

This nation-wide computer software development company was struggling with being on the antiquated TFS 2008 as it was hindering their ability to efficiently deliver quality software in a timely manner.  As software delivery is at the core of their business, the primary reason for this company to want to upgrade to TFS 2010 was to provide software quality more efficiently. (Another great reason to upgrade is because TFS 2008 is not going to be supported by Microsoft for much longer.)

The Solution:

After meeting us at a previous Northwest Cadence event, this company spoke with us about the best approach to doing an upgrade. Having not budgeted for this kind of work for that quarter but realizing that the upgrade had to be done immediately, the costs had to be kept low. In addition to these challenges, due to the nature of their business and the need for timely delivered software, there was no room for production down time.

Northwest Cadence used its partnership with Microsoft to leverage some funding support for this company. In addition, Northwest Cadence structured the upgrade to be able to be done completely remotely to save on travel expenses and expedite the completion of the upgrade. Northwest Cadence also utilized weekend time to assure that there would be no downtime.

The success of the upgrade itself, independent of the other hurdles that were overcome, was largely due to planning and communication. The Northwest Cadence team sent over the plan for migration prior to the upgrade to enable this company’s team to prepare. During the migration, Northwest Cadence delivered status reports and conducted troubleshooting throughout. Once everything was migrated, Northwest Cadence activated the new features and conducted testing.

With the careful planning, communication, and testing, the official cut over to production was uneventful.

Solution Overview

Customer profile

This company, in the industry of computer software, provides comprehensive, fully integrated fund accounting and utility billing enterprise software solutions to local government, utilities and special districts.

Partner Profile

Northwest Cadence is a national leader in Microsoft ALM and Software Process solutions. Northwest Cadence provides training and consulting services for clients across the globe on Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management Tools and on Software Development Processes.

Business Situation

This company was still on TFS 2008 which was no longer supported by MSFT and was no longer meeting their needs as a company.

Solution Benefits

Northwest Cadence worked alongside this company and assisted in their upgrade from TFS 2008 to TFS 2010 resulting in once again being supported by MSFT and meeting their needs.

Software and Services

  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Team Foundation Server 2010 Upgrade Service

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