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At Northwest Cadence we love helping our customers improve their practices and processes.  Part of our passion comes from our deep love of technology, but it definitely goes deeper than that.  We’ve released three short videos that will help you better understand who we are, why we do what we do, and what we can do to help your database development. We also have a narrated cartoon describing how we’ve helped another team with status meetings that go too long!


These 4 short videos are part of a series describing the various ways we can assist your practices and processes. 


Who We Are – President Lori Borg on Culture Trumps Everything Else


What We Do – Strategist Steven Borg on Great Process Means Happy People


Insights We’d Like to Share – ALM Consultant Dan Wood on Database development and ALM Harmony


Upstairs, downstairsUpstairs, Downstairs  – special animation on A Comedic Journey to Agile

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