Northwest Cadence honored as recipient of the 2015 CXO NEXT Innovation Awards

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Bellevue, WA — October 21, 2015 —

Lori Borg, CEO of Northwest Cadence, has been named a recipient of the Microsoft Corp. 2015 CXO NEXT Innovation Awards.

2015 CXO NEXT Innovation Awards

2015 CXO NEXT Innovation Awards

The awards, which were announced at the CXO NEXT Summit in Redmond, Washington, were created to recognize visionary leaders who led transformational innovation using Microsoft solutions to realize the benefits — reinventing productivity and business processes, building an intelligent cloud platform, creating more personal computing, and empowering finance and marketing.

“In this ever-shifting, mobile-first, cloud-first world, organizations must constantly evaluate how they operate, empowering employees to innovate and move the business forward,” said Ron Markezich, Corporate Vice President, U.S. Enterprise & Partner Group, Microsoft Corp. “The winners of this year’s CXO NEXT Innovation Awards met this challenge with enthusiasm, using technology to improve operations and better connect with their customers.”

Northwest Cadence found a way to take advantage of Cortana Analytics to improve the value of their content. These improvements include reductions in bounce rate and unsubscribes, along with an increase in click rate, the amount of subscribers, and overall time on site. By being able to better understand the data, Northwest Cadence has learned how to better understand their customers. This has empowered Northwest Cadence to take control of their content and gain better traction with our audience.

Nominations were submitted by commercial organizations in Canada and the U.S. for applying Microsoft technology to create transformative and highly effective innovations. An esteemed panel of experts selected this year’s winners based on their vision and how their innovation represents a forward-thinking development or implementation of a solution that is delivering groundbreaking results. Recipients will be highlighted on the Microsoft Marketing blog at

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