NWC Team Day!

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I always look forward to our Company Quarterly Team Days.  Yes, we have workshops and are productive, but we also know how to have a good time! Balance is key to everything, so we incorporate that into our Team Days-  Work followed by Reward.
Our October 2011 Team Day was a particularly fun one.  What better way to kick off the day than with a delicious breakfast and team


Our Team Day morning started (as they typically do) with a hearty breakfast at Hector’s. Yum!
We then spent a few hours working together on internal projects.  In the afternoon, we headed south for some arcade games, go karting and lazer tag!
Here are some highlights from this October Team Day.
 Most Competitive: SHAD

Best Moves: CHERYL

Most Energetic: STEVE

Best Accessorized: RICK, LORI, and DAN
Fearless Driver Award: JAMES
Most Determined: MARTIN
Best LazerTag Shot: Laura
Reckless Racer (also our leading photographer): BRYON
Most Enthusiastic Team Day Organizers: AMANDA and RENNIE
I realize that since I play a large role in organizing our Team Days my opinion carries some bias… but I still  think we have some of Best Team Days out there!
What will we think of next?!…
Stay Tuned!

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