Performance testing Azure web applications for business personas

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By Becca King & Rennie Araucto (As the Editor)

The Visual Studio Online Team recently released a preview of integration of Performance Testing with the New Azure Portal. While I have been at Northwest Cadence for a while you haven’t seen any posts from me as I am typically behind the curtain running much of the business and logistics for our training and events. (Editor’s Note: We, the consulting team, think that all the logistical planning Becca does it magic and we deeply appreciate that we don’t have to do it!) Knowing that I care about the Northwest Cadence Website but typically focus on the business side of the house, Chuck, aka Charles Sterling asked me to take a look at a new “Load Test” offering his team was working on…targeting business persona that want to ensure capacity for their next big offering, release etc. I was a little skeptical as I hadn’t used the new Azure portal much (okay the old one either) and I said yes more as a favor than expecting to get a lot of value out of the experience.

(Editor’s Note: Props to Becca for doing this. She was really, really hesitant cause working on this level of technical work is not normally something she loves to do.)

That said I must admit getting started was a piece of cake! For our exercise Chuck had pinned the web app to the portal home screen. See the red circle below.

Microsoft Azure

At this point the exercise got a little trickier as they put “Load Testing” into the Settings hub AND they didn’t tell me I was looking for the “Load Testing” –but rather I was trying to determine the capacity for our next training effort and “Load Testing” simply wasn’t a term I used.

So I wandered around in the tools menu and kept going to “Performance Monitoring” (Editor’s note: Performance Monitoring gives interesting data about historical and real user traffic) but there was no information on the capacity or our performance under the expected customer increase of our website.

It took me a bit, but eventually I found “Load Test” under settings and was able to play with the new functionality. (Editor’s Note: This was a little confusing to us so we told the Microsoft and we think it’s pretty cool that the team decided to rename the offering to ““Performance Testing” AND moved it under the Tools menu!)

Microsoft Azure

From there it was a simple matter of clicking “New” and changing a couple of the default values such as the URL from our Home page to the Cortana Training we were kicking off, the run duration to 15 minutes and the number of users to 5,000.

At that point, all we had to do was “Run Test”.

Microsoft Azure

The resulting graph allowed me to immediately see the number of errors and the performance if 5,000 people were trying to access out event site. (see below) (Editor’s Note: We think performance testing is pretty cool. It’s especially cool that this stuff is so easy!)

If you have an Azure Subscription and care about your capacity or performance of your site I recommend you give this (for now free) service a try.

Microsoft Azure

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