The Lean Factory

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It turned out our customer was incredibly agile in all the parts of their business except software delivery. We helped them make the connection and win their top executives’ support.

During a lunch break at an onsite engagement, a team member took our consultant on a tour of the company’s warehouse and order fulfillment center, proudly pointing out the sophisticated automation that had allowed the business to expand and employ hundreds more people in their small-town location.

After the break, the consultant resumed the team’s agile training by asking if the developers, managers, and testers knew anything about Kanban for software development. They shook their heads no.

“Aren’t you doing Lean in your factory, just across the parking lot there?”

“Oh, yes! Our executives moved us to Lean years ago and just look at what a difference it made!”

“Kanban’s built on Lean. So when we start applying it to your software, you’re going to get those same benefits—and your executives will understand exactly what you’re doing.”

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