Released – Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013 RTM

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Visual Studio 2013 just went to public RTM this morning.  They did it at mid-night Oct 18th New Zealand time, so it’s hitting a day earlier that most of us thought here in the US.  Which is awesome.  (I love when Microsoft does stuff like that.)

I happened to bump into just the right people yesterday, and got an invite to attend the early morning launch work. Very interesting!  

But first, the links.

Here’s a photo of the VS 2013 launch tiger team. Everyone is heads down, validating hyperlinks, ensuring the Microsoft official blog posts are going live, ensuring downloads are working correctly, following and responding to social media trends, and keeping tabs on how things are going .  

 Visual Studio Launch Tiger Team

 It’s a bee-hive of activity.  Every now and then someone would shout out something like “Hey, Maartan just tweeted  ‘the .NET Framework 4.5.1 just launched! It feels like my birthday!'”  And someone would shout back. “Let’s tweet back ‘Happy Birthday’ from the @VisualStudio account!”.  See below for the result!

Happy Birthday from Visual Studio

Overall, quite worth the early AM.  And so very fun to see how much fun and hard work there is even after the coding is done and the bits are hosted.  There’s a lot of wonderful activity around a Visual Studio launch.

One more shout out. Microsoft has great people. I was honored to get to sit in on the launch this morning.  Every one of the people you see in the picture above was simultaneously working hard and having fun – even at 4:00 AM!  So, congratulations to all the folks at Microsoft who made this release happen!  You help us all be better, more productive and happier developers!

Thank you!




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