Rosario CTP 10 (Nov 2007) is out!!!!

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Close on the heels of the RTM release of Visual Studio 2008 Team System, Microsoft has just released CTP10 of Rosario, the next version of TFS. Now, this isn’t a Beta, so you’ll have to cut them a bit of slack when you’re running it (you may get some “Object reference not set to an object” kind of things). But you have got to check this out. I just popped it open and looked at it, and it’s got some great new features, including the single most requested feature in VSTS2005 — Hierarchical work items! So head over to the Microsoft download center and download Rosario CTP10!

Update:  The passwords for the VPC are kind of hidden on the download page.  For your convenience, here they are:

  • Username: TFSSETUP, password: tfssetup (Administrator account)
  • Username: Administrator, password: P2ssw0rd (Administrator account)
  • Username: TFSSERVICE, password: tfsservice
  • Username: TFSREPORTS, password: tfsreports

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