Slipstreaming TFS2008 on Windows Server 2008

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If you’re installing TFS2008 using SQL Server 2008, you MUST slipstream your installation.  However, if you’re installing on Windows Server 2008, and using SQL Server 2005, you do NOT need to slipstream.


If you’re installing WSS 3.0 on the server during the installation process (such as for a clean install), then you really ought to to create a slipstream version of the TFS install with TFS SP1.  Reason?  Without the slipstream, you have to install WSS 3.0 with Sp2 on your own, and configure it.  And it takes less time to create the slipstream than to install WSS 3.0 with Sp2.

So, create a slipstream and install it!  You can find slipstreaming instructions all over the web, but here’s a good one from my friend (and TFS super-genius) Martin Woodward.  You can access it at: creating a TFS 2008 SP1 slipstreamed install.

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  1. Elizue September 8, 2010 at 9:47 am

    I need your help.

    Is SQL 2008 R2 supported with TFS 2008?
    I’m working on a project that’s current SQL 2008, but we are considering moving to R2.
    Will I be able to work on both SQL 2008 projects and SQL 2008 R2 projects within Visual Studio 2008?

    Upgrading to TFS 2010 is not an option at this time.


    Have a nice day…

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