Steve Borg Renewed as VSTS MVP

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What does it take to receive Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) recognition?

Steve Borg knows, for now – the 5th year in a row, Steve has been awarded this prestigious award from Microsoft. This award is given annually to outstanding members of Microsoft’s technical community and it is based on contributions made during the previous year. In order to receive this award, the nominee undergoes a rigorous review process. A panel that includes MVP team members and product group teams, evaluates each nominee’s technical expertise, community contributions, and commitment to the MVP code of conduct. This panel considers the quality, quantity, and level of impact of the MVP’s contributions and presents the award based on their findings. Not only has Steve undergone this rigorous review for the past five years, but did you know – he was in the very first group of MVP’s for VSTS announced the day VSTS was released!

Steve is part of this amazing group of individuals who are considered exceptional technical leaders in the community. And indeed, this is an elite group for there are only 3,500 MVP’s worldwide. Northwest Cadence is very fortunate to have Steve as part of our team. Congratulations!

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