Steven Borg Worldwide Partner Conference Session: DevOps – two sides of the same coin

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2016 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is a high-impact annual conference for business and channel leaders across the globe. Steven Borg, Northwest Cadence Strategist and Co-Founder, has been asked to speak at WPC 2016 on an exciting topic – DevOps and the Cloud. If you plan to attend WPC 2016, you won’t want to miss Steven’s session! We invite you to come say “hello” after his session and schedule some 1:1 time with Steven while you’re in Toronto!

Steven’s session is happening on Day 1 (Monday, July 11 from 1:00-2:00 PM) of the conference.

DevOps – Two Sides of the Same Coin will be an interactive and educational session.

Which side of the DevOps coin are you on? Dev? Ops? Other? DevOps is not a team; it’s a culture. True DevOps involves everyone who touches the delivery of value to end users. Business decision makers. Developers. Operations. IT. HR. PMO.. Embracing the mindset and culture of DevOps is more critical than ever as more and more customers become software companies. Hear first-hand from a Gold Microsoft Azure and DevOps partner who landed the leap to Azure and DevOps from ALM.

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