Team Build Event in Portland

Team Build EventSteven Borg of Northwest Cadence (Microsoft Team System MVP) took a road trip to Portland to speak to a very interested audience about the new features of Team Build 2008, an inherent and powerful part of Visual Studio Team System 2008. 

There were a total of 68 students from 35 different companies in the Portland area.  Feedback from the attendees on what they believe was most valuable:

  • “How build automation with Team Build can replace or enhance our current in-house development   system”
  • “Step by step demo of MS Build and overview of ways VSTS can help my organization”
  • “Using Team Build for automated deployment”
  • “Learning what Build can do for us”
  • “Tasks that check in to TFS can be traced in the build.  This really simplifies debugging”
  • “High level oversight so as to better see the big picture”
  • “References to best practices when using TFS”
  • “The integration of work items and code check ins.  Setting up continuous integration”
  • “Customizing the Team Build project file”
  • “Implementing database scripts in build reporting”

At the end of the presentation, there were several prizes up for grabs; however, two attendees were especially lucky as the recipients of Vista Ultimate and a Microsoft Zune Digital Player.  But I think it is safe to say, all attendees were winners as they were energized by the dynamic speakers and enlightened as to the abundance of Team Build’s bells and whistles.


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  1. gholliday November 12, 2008 at 9:42 pm

    Great work guys! Keep it up. I’m sad that I won’t make your CodeCamp presentation this weekend.

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